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    The Airline Cooperative
    220 airlines around the world, working together

The Airline Cooperative is a group of International Airlines who believe that by working together at peer level, we can improve security, safety, and efficiency.

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Airport Bases


We work together in non-competitive areas like International Flight Operations to share and discuss.

Together, Better.

We make it easier for airlines to talk to each other. Our mission is simple: we all fly the same routes, to the same airports – so by sharing non-competitive information, we improve the daily flight operation for everyone.

Simple Sharing.

A simple idea – sharing – needs a simple platform. The Airline Cooperative provides secure, collaborative platforms for Airlines to exchange, discuss, and work together in non-competitive areas.

Peer To Peer.

Here's what's different: the Cooperative works because you connect with your equivalent at other airlines - On duty Dispatcher, OCC Manager, CEO. The peer-to-peer connection is a new concept in comparison to vertically structured trade organisations like IATA.

Where are we?

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How the Cooperative works

Some examples of how our members connect
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Flight Operations

Operations Group – daily exchange of information on ATC, significant weather events, international routes, airport restrictions – through email and an online forum. 800 participants in Dispatch and Ops Control, across 220 airlines worldwide.

Operations Portal - Shared ATC and Airport contacts, collaborated weather links, ATC restrictions, Conflict Zone map, Overflight permit information.

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Peer Connections

Project Collaboration – Many airlines have very similar procurement requirements (eg. IT systems for Ops). By connecting you with another airline of the same size, you get objective analysis and recommendation from your peers, without the potential bias of consultants and salespeople.

OCC Exchange - An exchange visit program for airlines of similar size, to allow Ops personnel to visit another operation and learn.

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Information Sharing

Security Cabinet – a simple, secure forum to share overflight risk information, country and airport analysis, and current news.

Bulletin Board - a simple, secure forum to allow discussion and exchange on topics chosen by members – Flight Ops, ERP, Leasing, Security.

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Airline group cost reduction

Fuel Efficiency – connecting Fuel Efficiency managers to make sure nothing big is missed in their own cost reduction programs.

Ad-hoc Fuel - group purchasing and shared pricing, significantly increasing the number of ad-hoc destinations covered for smaller airlines.

Peer Leasing – Cooperative leasing agreements to match seasonal excess with other carrier requirements – bypassing brokers and agents.

Project collaboration - Economy of scale and vastly increased expertise, group RFI/RFP process, IT systems, Purchasing etc.

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What's next?

You decide – every initiative created in the Cooperative has been in response to airline suggestions.

Our Shared Ops Portal

Through our secure access Ops Portal, all airline participants get access to live feeds, shared contacts, databases and resources. Current, live, shared information helps all airlines to form objective operations plans, especially at challenging destinations.

Overflight Security

Connecting with other airlines to share security information improves safety for all members. We maintain a current world map showing Overflight and Security status.

The spirit of Cooperation

We create an atmosphere of togetherness, helpfulness, and generosity. An ethos of co-operation and joint effort empowers all Operations staff, Directors and Managers to feel more informed, resourced, and confident.

Collaborative Projects

Peer discussion facilitates informed purchasing decisions in IT, Fuel, Flight Operations, and many other areas - saving huge costs for airlines involved.

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